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The Human Aura - our living rainbow



During the BMSI and WLI courses, also during training to UK full Healership, numerous leaflets are issued free to students as part of the teachings. In addition, spontaneous channelled teachings are given, some of which become leaflets (issued only to all course students, unless they apply only to one group). Some of these may be available later as a book.


The Human Aura - Our Living RainbowUK Edition:

Due to time pressures caused by the extensive teachings, William is the author of only one book so far "The Human Aura - Our Living Rainbow" 5.95 including postage packing. Please send orders and cheques (including Eurocheques) by post to:
BMSI, PO Box 134, HORSHAM, West Sussex. England. RH13 5FG, UK.
Tel: int +44 (0)1403 255025. Fax: int +44 (0)1403 268898



Die Aura - dein FarbenkleidGerman Edition: "Die Aura - Dein Farbenklied":


Austria: Collected ATS 150 cash. by post ATS 160, bank transfers only; not


Eurocheques. Please send orders to: BMSI-Zentrum AUSTRIA, Beatrice Widder, Jahngasse 41/2/10, A-1050 WIEN, Austria,

when bank details will be supplied. Tel/Fax: int +43 (0)1 / 547 18 64



Germany: Collected DM19.80 cash. By post DM21 or cash on delivery.

Please send orders to: Rosalinde Hoess, Heilprakterin, Schillerstrasse 11, D-86391 AUGSBURG/Stadtbergen, Germany.
Tel: int +49 (0)821 /24 31 106
Fax: int +49 (0)821 / 24 31 150
Tel: Juliane Zabawskyj - int +49 (0)821 / 71 81 17


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