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Put very simply Spiritual Healing seeks out and treats the cause of an
illness, thus enabling the physical symptoms to disappear.
Healing is the combination of the natural Healing power within the body
and the healing power of God, the source. This enables the balance of
health to be restored. The "Spiritual Healer" is the link.

By attuning to the patient and to the source of the healing energies, the
Healer serves as a channel through which the Divine energies flow.

The true Spiritual Healer is a person working irrespective of colour, class or
creed. S/He is a compassionate person in tune with the source of all
creation. This linking of the patient to the unconditional love of God forms,
with the healer, a triangle of attunement that allows the
activation of the healing energies.

For Healing to take place, the patient must feel a need to be healed,
or a request must be made on his behalf by another.
Absent, or distant, Healing works just as effectively as contact healing;
distance makes no difference.
Healing cannot interfere with divine law nor the free choice
that we have been granted by God.
The decision is ours whether we wish to be healed or not.

Healing is not just a body free from pain; it is a
state of being where the whole person is in
harmony within their many levels
of consciousness.

Ultimately, all healing is self-healing, triggered by the Self, following
intervention by internal or external methods. 



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