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During Easter 1979, an audible voice called William into Service and his Destiny saying, "Give up all and follow me"



William Lambert - Spiritual Healer and Teacher
William Paul Lambert
Healing CBQ

During Easter 1979, an audible voice called William into Service and his Destiny saying, "Give up all and follow me". By that time, he had been prepared for what was to follow, through many contrasting experiences and trainings, including ten years in personal development and healing. Following his original development in a small group led by Frank Jones from 1970 - 1975, in 1975 he had commenced eight years training based on the College of Psycho-Therapeutics, founded by Ronald Beesley at Speldhurst near Tunbridge Wells (now called "The Centre of New Directions"). His main teacher after Ronald's accidental death in Jaipur, India on 1st April 1979, was Peter Goldman. Currently, these courses are taught by a number of specialised teachers in different countries.


On 1st May 1979, William left the large company where he had worked for 30 years and from five possibilities, chose a job with a medium-sized company, to tide himself over. By coincidence, it was near to Gatwick Airport, through which he was to become a frequent traveller - although he was unaware of this at the time. He founded the Horsham Healing Groups in 1980, which were later to become a part of his Body-Mind-Spirit International Training Centres (BMSI). By 1983 he was invited to work in Vienna, Munich and elsewhere, taking his annual holiday entitlement mainly in four-day weekends.

On 1st January 1985 he was made redundant when the company he worked for was taken over and the Head Office where he had worked as Company Buyer was closed down. In August 1985, he was appointed to the The College of Spiritual Psycho-Therapeutics as teacher for Austria and Germany. He then started working full time as Healer and Teacher in UK, plus teacher in ten EU mainland cities. As practising Healing is illegal in many other countries where he worked, he turned his attention to teaching personal development and spiritual psychotherapy (healing through the consciousness). Teaching healing philosophy is legal in Austria. Healing is allowed only in Self Help Groups in Austria & Germany - otherwise, one must be a fully qualified medical doctor. BMSI became a large organisation, although that had never been his plan or intention.

On-going Development:
It is said that travel broadens the mind and William has read widely and embraced Eastern teachings into his Western experience. In 1995 he was elected Chairman of the World Federation of Healing but resigned in 1998 due to work overload causing health problems, from which he fully recovered. He is currently Co-Ordinator for the CBQ Assessment Centre, based at BMSI, Horsham, where he is actively involved in the development and delivery of the CBQ - Competence Based Qualification in Healing for the CHO - Confederation of Healing Organisations.

On 1st April 2001 he founded BMS International Healing Federation, mainly for BMSI UK and EU students, although applications from others will be processed. Equal Opportunities !

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